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Custom Choices

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* Stain colors

         * Finish sheen

​                 * Finish type


*   Solid

     *   Engineered

This choice has to do with where your new wood floor will be installed, what type of subfloor is present, what type of existing floor is present as well as some other factors. Each choice has advantages and limitations as well as a variety of price points.

Species of wood: 
This choice is mainly determined by what look you want, but can also be influenced by the use / wear that is expected from the floor. You can choose from the widely available domestic oak floors, reclaimed antique flooring, exotic wood species such as walnut, cherry, etc, or other domestic like hickory, and maple.

Grade of wood:  

(a) clear (b) select (c) #1 common (d) # 2 common 

This choice is also determined by what look you want. Each choice generally has a different price point as well.

Milling of wood:

(a) plain sawn (b) rift / quartered

Again, this choice is mainly determined by what look you want. However a floor that is rift/quarter sawn will tend to be more stable (a good option when using wider planks). Each choice generally has a different price point as well.

               Rift & Quarter Sawn

Clear Grade


* Construction

    * Species

         * Grade

               * Milling/Saw Method


* Borders

         * Vents

                 * Patterns

Pre-Finished floors have come a long way. Although they do generally have a beveled edge that some customers find undesirable, these floors come in a wide variety of species, colors, widths, textures, etc. The finish is usually of aluminum oxide and the wear layer warranties can range from 25 or 50 years and sometimes even for a lifetime. Although you need to be careful of "bargain priced" products, prefinished floors can be a great option to avoid the sanding/finishing process and walk on your new floors the day they are installed. It is important to remember the product information so you can get an exact match if board replacements are necessary at some point - or if you want to add matching additional flooring to other rooms of the home. If your prefinished floor gets damaged, it means cutting out a board or a whole section of flooring and completely replacing it to correct the problem. Additionally some flooring may be discontinued over time, eliminating the availability of future supply.

Site-Finished custom sanded hardwood floor has been the standard for decades. You can achieve a smooth appearance and flat looking floor without the above mentioned bevels. Site finished flooring is sanded flat, so it is more forgiving of slight irregularities or slight height variations in the home's subfloor system. This type of floor is a great option if you want to have a custom stain color or install decorative options such as borders or medallions. Site finishing also offers the customer more options as to the type of finish; such as oil-based poly, water-based poly, tung oil penetrating finish, etc. Small repairs are generally easy for these floors, accomplished by lightly sanding the spot and re-applying finish. Additionally, you can have the floors re-coated with the original finish several years down the road to eliminate scratches and light wear.

You can chose from intricate, factory made borders or a custom one designed by you. Borders can be used to enhance a room, highlight furniture such as an island or table, or to divide rooms.

As an alternative to the standard metal vent, you can upgrade to wood vents. These beautiful vents can be ordered to match your floor species and can either be "drop-in" style or for a more custom look go with the "flush-mount".

Depending on the type of sub floor you have, we may be able to install your wood flooring on a diagonal, or possibly even in a beautiful herringbone pattern. This is a great choice for drawing attention to a special room or space in your home.

Finish Sheen:    
* Satin

    * Semi-Gloss

         * Gloss 

Prefinished floors generally come without a choice here, however with site finished floors you can pick a sheen to match your needs. A satin finish shows fewer scratches but provides a "duller" appearance. On the other hand a gloss sheen provides your floor a showroom shine but will likely show off more scratches. A choice of semi-gloss (the most popular) is a good compromise for most families.

Finish Type

*  Oil-modified poly

      * Water-based poly

Oil-based polyurethane has been the finish of choice for decades. It is durable, easy to work with, is easy to repair / touch-up, and provides the warm rich color most people have come to expect. The newer water-based finishes provide a very duarable finish in residential or commercial grades that have a higher wear-rating than standard oil. These water-based products dry in hours, are more enviromentally friendly, and gives off less of the odor normally associated with floor finishing. Since cost can very between the two choices, please consult your sales associate.

Plane Saw

# 1 Grade

Floor Color:

* Natural

   * Standard Stain

        * Custom Stain

Clink the link below to see all the standard stain options.  HFI can mix these stains to provide you a custom mix if necessary.