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Let us handle your entire project; from removal of your old floor covering to installing the final pieces of trim.  Enjoy making your selections and let us handle the rest.

If reducing sanding dust in your home matters to matters to us. We have a Dust Reduction System that significantly reduces the amount of airborne dust during the sanding process.

Your investment in wood floors is our responsibility, that's why all of our installers are trained the same way, to create a floor that will last for decades.

What Can HFI
​Do For You

We provide a variety of services to handle all your wood floor needs. 

Wood Sales​
​Site finished

Nail down

Floor Sanding
Old floors
New wood

Staircase Conversion
Carpet to Wood

Recoat old/existing wood floors

Dust Containment System

Custom stain mixes

Install moldings & trim

Removal of old floors